Respecting Differences in the Workplace

In such a diverse environment you may be work in, it is inevitable that you will be able to meet people coming from different circumstances such as:

  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Nationality

Because of these differences in workplace, other people have different natures, attitudes and practices.  In this article, you’ll learn how to respect differences in an office.

Most of the time, tolerating differences is hard because some of their beliefs and attitudes could clash with your own views and personality. If you feel ill at ease with the opposite gender or people who have different personality, then you have to make your own adjustments. Put this on your mind: the business world is a setting for—well—business. Your main objective should be doing your job, and not to put your nose into someone else’s business or preferences.

Having an intercourse with the opposite gender and people who have different personality type and sexual preference can be easy. One must just put unto their minds that in business, it’s the title and position that matters, not gender or sexual preferences.

As a person with good manners, you must learn to respect other people. Even if you do not agree with them:

  • Never insult someone because of his skin color.
  • Never make fun of a person because he abstains from certain type of foods because of his religion.
  • Never treat a woman differently because of her gender.

Insulting someone like that does not benefit anyone. Apart from making yourself look rude and disrespectful, you subjected someone to experience an unnecessary hurt.

Even though it was not your willful intention, there could also be instances that you might have accidentally spouted some words that must have been offensive to other people or acted out something that is unpleasant in the eyes of other people.

For that reason, you must also watch the language that you use and the acts that you do in order to avoid unintentional disrespect for other people.

Here are some office guidelines for avoiding unintentional disrespect:

  • Study the terms that are unaccepted in different religions, nations, and ethnic groups.
  • Avoid or do not use slang words at all. Slang words usually pertain to something derogatory in nature.
  • Do not label other people or call them by their nationality or ethnicity. Refer to them by their names.
  • Use proper terms for a person’s profession.

Respecting your coworkers in the office means also helping and supporting them during their times they are required to go away for an event, such as in religious affairs.